After registration by the National Council of Professional Surveyors in 1992, our company has offered Valuation Consultancy services to reputable International and local firms, Government, Parastatals, and individuals with great professional touch.

Experience in Valuation.
We have been consultants on the World Bank funded projects here in Tanzania through the Prime Minister’s office  in which we were commissioned to undertake the Phase One   of the Dar-es-salaam City Rating Project,  the result being production of the Kinondoni rating  Roll in 1993.

Our International Clients include the United States Of America Sugar Industry based Consultants M/s Arkel Sugar Inc. of Baton Rouge , Virginia, in Richmond State  whom we successfully teamed up in an African Development (ADB) funded pre-investment study-project, for Valuation of  the Kagera Sugar Limited which was being prepared towards   divestiture  of the Sugar Development Corporation.
We have also served the United States Agency for International Development Agency in the Valuation and providing Estate Agency Services for their properties here in Tanzania.

Between 1993 to date, we have carried out numerous valuation consultancy assignments for the Presidential Parastatal Sector Reform Commission ( PSRC) in a wide range of issues involving valuation of Agricultural and Industrial sub-sectors which have already been privatised under the privatisation for economic reforms. Capital Shelterworks Limited has vast experience in Valuations involving Business Valuation which were carried out for PSRC between the years 1994-2004 These valuations were relied upon by the PSRC in negotiations with potential Investors.

Experience in Agricultural Valuations.

Specific experience concerning tasks involving Best Use Planning and Valuation  was carried out for the Nafco Farm at Kigamboni and all other valuations involving Business Valuation has been obtained from provision of Assets Valuations Involving state Farms  which were being evaluated for privatization the majority of which involved the Combination  of Business and Assets are  shaded in the  client’ list.

Experience in Land delivery
We have recently completed the transfer of the assets of the largest Agricultural
Parastatal organization i.e. Tanzania Tobacco Board which was sold in 1997 to Universal Leaf Inc. of USA and are proud to believe that we have accomplished an unsurpassable feat never been accomplished by any known firm of Land Economists practicing under the auspices of the National Council of Professional Surveyors.

Tanzania Tobacco Board Assets whose Headquarters are in Morogoro were sold at the time when its assets scattered in the deepest rural areas of the Tobacco growing  regions of Tanzania had no form of certificates of title and hence a limitation of its immediate divestiture.

Capital Shelterworks Limited was entrusted by the PSRC to carry out surveys for these assets to process and transfer the titles to Tanzania Leaf Tobacco Co. Ltd.  We have now managed to process title deeds from the bare scratch up to registration and handing in of clean titles and eventually enabled PSRC to effectively hand over TTB to its buyers
We have out of this experience effectively linked ourselves to working in tandem with Land Surveyors in whose combined efforts we were able to achieve the complex titling mentioned above.  
We have capacity to measure and give instant area measurements right while in the field confirming sizes and suitability of farmlands.

Capital Shelterworks Limited in conjunction with Ms InfoBridge Consultants Limited has presented final Report done for the Ministry of Lands in a study  aimed at Systems Reforms in the Office of the Commissioner for Lands. This is a far reaching study touching on the Land Delivery systems in which we have been able to investigate and provide solutions to the problems besetting the Land Titling procedures.